Tecoma (Shrub, Orange) – Plant

Tecoma (Shrub, Orange) – Plant

Normally Tecoma is an evergreen plant though sometimes in cold the plants may lose leaves during the winter cold months. It has vibrant coloured flowers and is a fast-growing shrub. This plant can stand high humidity and temperature. The flowers are trumpet-shaped with tips folded back and bloom in clusters all through the year. The growth tips that shoot out from these plants may lean on other plants’ branches, walls, fences etc.


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The scientific name of these plants is Tecoma capensis and the common name is Cape honeysuckle. The other names are Yellow bells, Ginger Thomas, Yellow elder and Yellow trumpet bush. It belongs to the family of Bignoniaceae. Though it is kind of a desert plant, it has green foliage. The base color of the flowers is red-orange while the interior of the flowers is yellow in color. These flowers are known to attract butterflies, hummingbirds, and bees.

Basic Care Of Tecoma Shrub Orange Plants

  • It is very easy to take care of these plants.
  • When grown as a single plant these plants are outstanding and when grown with water-saving plants that create subtropical mini oasis these plants seem harmonious.
  • Heavy pruning and removal of seed pods encourage continual and prolific re-blooming of the plants. Though these plants prefer xeric landscapes still it responds to fertilization and moisture in the soil.


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