Sansevieria Plants


Sansevieria Plants

Plant name      –   Sansevieria
Location           –  Outdoor plant
Height              –   6 inch to 1 feet
Base of Plant  –  Cocopeat

Family: Asparagaceae
Origin: Africa, Madagascar and southern Asia

Common Names: snake plant, mother-in-law’s tongue, bowstring hemp, devil’s tongue, jinn’s tongue, snake tongue


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Easy does it with the watering. You want to be careful not to overdo it because your plant will rot out.  Always make sure the soil is almost completely dry before thoroughly watering again. Water your Snake Plants every 2-6 weeks, depending on your home’s temperature, light levels, and humidity. So, if you travel or tend to ignore plants, this is the 1 for you.


Even though Sansevierias prefer medium light (which is about 10′ away from west or south window), they’ll also tolerate low light and high light. How versatile they are! Just be sure to keep them out of the direct sun because they’ll burn in a heartbeat.

Air Circulation:

These plants don’t mind the dry or stale air in our homes and offices. They’ll also do well in bathrooms where the humidity tends to be much higher.  This is another versatility factor which gives this houseplant the label: “diehard”.


Sansevierias will tolerate a wide range of temperatures in our homes. I have a few in pots outdoors and we get very hot in the summer and cool in the winter. If your summer outdoors, just know they don’t tolerate frost or snow so get them indoors before the temperatures drop too low.


Snake Plants are highly pest-resistant but in poor conditions, they can get mealybugs and/or spider mites. If yours gets mealybugs, I’ve got you covered with this post on how to get rid of mealybugs and aphids. Here you can find spider mites control.


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