Sandal Wood Red, Chandan Red – Plant

Sandal Wood Red, Chandan Red – Plant

Red sandal is one of the finest perfumery materials since ages.


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Red sandalwood is also known as Red Chandan. The plant is native to India and is mostly found in South India and in Sri Lanka. The botanical name of the plant is Pterocarpus santalinus. It is known for its rich red coloured wood. It is used in cosmetic and medical industries.


Red sandalwood is easy to grow.They usually harvest after 30 years of planting. The plant can be propagated via seeds or by tissue culture. Plant 3 to 4 seed inside the 7-inch ground cover and feed with moderate amount water and sunlight.


The wood is aromatic and is used in making elegant boxes. The glossy leaves of the plant are thin and oval in shape. They are around 4 to 9 cm long. The average height of the plant is around 30 feet.


The flowers are red in color and they bloom between February to May.


The plant requires full sunlight. They grow well in direct sunlight and humid conditions. The temperature required for the growth of sandalwood is between 20°C to 35°C.

Red Sandalwood cannot tolerate frost; make sure you keep them covered during the winters and provide the bright sunlight.

4 to 6 hours of morning sunlight and 3 hours of afternoon sunlight is sufficient for the plant.


Red Sandalwood requires slightly alkaline soil with the ph value of 7 to 7.5.

They need red loamy soil to grow which should be well draining in nature. Avoid soil which is saline and contains calcium. During the plantation of sandalwood mix the moist alluvial soil.


Red sandalwood requires a moderate amount of water to grow. Water them in two to three weeks especially if they are placed under hot climatic conditions.

During the rainy season, they require less amount water. Avoid watering during that period and try to remove excess water from the tree basin.


It is believed that red sandalwood can cure boils and inflammations. The foliage can treat gout and is used an antiseptic paste.

The plant is also used as a cosmetic substitute. Some use it as a mask to have a glowing skin; while some use it as a shampoo. The powder of red sandalwood helps in removing sun tan. The leaves of the sandalwood have culinary use.



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