Rubber Tree Plant For Airpurifier

Rubber Tree Plant For Airpurifier

Rubber tree plant care as a houseplant is easy. If you keep it in a well-lit position in your home. Besides the ornamental aspect, rubber tree is considered an air purifying plant.

Rubber Tree Plant:-

Also known as rubber shrub or India rubber fig, rubber tree (Ficus elastica) is an evergreen shrub or tree with thick, leathery leaves that may be up to 12 inches long and 5 inches wide. The tree can grow up to 100 feet tall in its native range, though it is closer to half that size in home gardens. Due to its frost intolerance, rubber tree is often grown as a houseplant.


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Grow Rubber Plant

The rubber plant is all about having a small tree indoors with broad shiny attractive leaves. When this plant is about 1 – 2 ft tall it’s well suited sitting as a center piece on a table, on a shelf, or on a windowsill, but once it begins to grow above 3 ft it looks great standing next to a fireplace, television area or near door entrances (as longs as their are no cold drafts).

I prefer the decora which has plain green leaves, but others like other leaf color variations and there is a nice choice. Once the plant begins to mature and grow in height it’s common to train and support the trunk and branches by staking or tying them back to keep them growing upright.

How To Care  

This species is quite an easy plant to care for and can grow well on low light. The worst a grower can do (which are common mistakes) is over-water, move the plant around too much or to a spot with less light or with colder temperatures. Sudden drops of temperature or cold drafts are also not good.


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