Roystonea Regia, Royal Palm – Plant

Roystonea Regia, Royal Palm – Plant

The royal palm tree is perfect for giving your yard that “little slice of paradise!” It is one of the most prestigious looking and most recognizable of all the palms in the world.


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They are a moderate maintenance plant. It requires special attention and care during their budding season but is independent once they are mature. The plant is too big to be grown in a container.

Royal palms provide a sophisticated look in your driveway.


The fruits of the plant are small dark purple or black in color. There is smaller beige or tan colored seed inside the fruit. The foliage of the plant is like feather fronds.


The foliage is about 10 feet long. They are dark green in color with long and sooth crown shaft. The mature height of the plant can grow up to 40 feet.

Sometimes they can grow up to 70 feet. The basal diameter of the trunk can be more than 30 inches.


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