Prosopis Cineraria, Shami, Sami – Plant

Prosopis Cineraria, Shami, Sami – Plant

Khejri Tree is a small moderate sized evergreen thorny tree, with slender branches armed with conical thorns and with light bluish-green foliage.


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Basic Care

It is a tree which has an ability to grow in high-temperature condition, due to which it is an extremely low maintenance plant. As a desert plant, it needs lots of lighting and water in sufficient amount for the plant’s growth


As proved to be a desert plant, it can grow in any type of soil and can survive in very less water content. The best soil to plant it is alluvial soil with a good manure. It can survive for years without water and it is said that wherever it grows, there will be a water resource near.


It doesn’t need plenty of water, as it has been adapted to very low watering conditions and it can survive with little water for years. It is said that this tree reserves water inside the ground in deserted areas where it grows.


Because of the fact that this plant is a desert plant, it can withstand heavy lighting and can survive in shady lighting. Lighting condition is not a problem, but it cannot be grown inside for a long time.


The flower of the plant is a small yellowish cream in colour. The tree is a legume which the soil in soil fertility.


This plant grows into a tree to a height of 3 to 5 metres and spread up to 2-3 metres which also can be grown inside.


It doesn’t really need fertilizer but can be used to speed up the growth. As for most of the plants feed it with a nitrogen-rich fertilizer and using liquid fertilizer can be the best solution. This plant can be fed with the fertilizer with every month for the better growth as it is already a fast-growing plant


The gum produced in the tree is used for medicinal purposes which can be obtained during May and June. The dry, acrid and bitter bark of the tree can cure many diseases such as leprosy, dysentery, bronchitis, asthma, leukoderma, haemorrhoids and muscle tremors.Used for making ornaments and decorative parts in various parts of the country.The smoke of the leaves is good for eye pain. The leaves of this plant are used during the last day of Dasara festival.


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