Polyathia Longifolia, Ashok Tree – Plant

Polyathia Longifolia, Ashok Tree – Plant

Saraca Indica commonly known as Ashoka tree or Sorrow-less Tree is one of the most exotic flowering trees of the Indian subcontinent.


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Basic care

Ashoka trees are fairly easy to grow.The only fuss about them is watering. They should be watered very carefully depending on the type of soil.


The tree flourishes under direct sunlight. It has no qualms with the hot overhead sun. The optimum temperature is 20-35 degrees Celsius.


The gardener should water the plants very carefully considering the soil type and the extent to which it can drain itself. Generally, the trees need lots of water during the summer and moderate amounts of water during winter.

Watering should be scheduled so that the top of the soil is moist. The soil should be allowed to dry between watering sessions.


The plant grows well in soil with good drainage capacity.


The height of the plant varies from3-40 feet.


To prune the plants properly, the gardener should know about the minimum height and width of the plant. The plant can be pruned all year round but preferably when they are dormant.

Pruning of the Ashoka tree involvesremoving the damaged leaves, dead branches, and dead leaves.


The Ashoka tree bears startling yellow and orange coloured flowers mainly in January and February. The flowers appear in clusters which cling close to every branch or twig. The clusters consist of various small, long-tubed flowers which open up into four lobes.



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