Peepal Plant

Peepal Plant

  • Plant Decorative Bonsai
  • Product Height. 2 to 3 Feet (including pot)
  • Evergreen
  • Don’t start by growing bonsai indoors. Bonsai are trees, and trees are outdoor plants. There are a few more species for bonsai which will tolerate indoor cultivation, but none of them really thrive indoors.

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How To Care Peepal Plant

Pipal tree releases oxygen 24 hours and does nocturnal fixation of atmospheric CO2. This makes it different from other plants as most of plants release oxygen during day time in presence of sunlight but release CO2 at night.

The 24 hour release of O 2 is possible in Peepal as it has ability to perform Crassulacean acid metabolism or CAM.

CAM is an ecological adaptation of photosynthesis done in some plants growing in limited availability of water or CO and involves nocturnal CO 2 fixation done to maximize CO uptake.

Peepal also helps in terms of treating eye pain efficiently. Pipal milk derived from its leaves is helpful in                          providing relief from the eye pain.



Over-watering is responsible for more bonsai deaths than any other factor. The soil should be allowed to dry                 out a bit between water. Pipal is the most sacred tree for Hindus since Vedic period. During Vedic times, it                 was known as Ashwatha.


  • get somewhat dry halfway into the depth of the pot before you water again. When you do water, water thoroughly — two or three times to fully soak the soil.
  • Don’t leave the glued rocks on the surface of the soil. Many of the bonsai plants found at places other than real bonsai nurseries are sold with the soil covered by a hard layer of glued pebbles.


  • Remove this as soon as you can! This layer will prevent water from reaching your soil and will kill your tree. You can remove it by submerging the pot in water for 30 minutes or so and then using either your fingers or pliers to remove the now soft layer of pebbles.


  • Do leave your bonsai out in the cold of winter and you may need to set up special quarters for them to keep them at the right temperature and humidity level indoors during the cold months.


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