Pathar Chatta

Pathar Chatta

It is an erect, glabrous plant reaching up to 1 m high. The stem is obtusely 4 – angled. The lower and uppermost leaves are simple.


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Basic Care Of Pathar Chat

The middle ones pinnately 3- to 5- foliolate. Flowers pendulous in lax panicles. Calyx cylindric, 4-lobed. Corolla yellow, constricted in the middle; lobes 4. Stamens 8, in 2 series. Carpels 4, almost free. Fruit 4 follicles, enclosed in the persistent papery calyx and corolla. It grows wild in shaded places and along water courses. It is usually cultivated for ornamental purpose.

Pathar Chatta

This plant is called Pennywort because of the shape of its leaves which are coin shaped with an indent which makes them look as though they have a navel.

Health benefits of Pathar Chatta

1. Treats Kidney stones
2. Useful in Urinary disorders
3. Helpful in Boils
4. For Hypertension
5. Curbs Leukaemia
6. For Vaginal disorders
7. Treats Headache
8. Aids in Eye pain
9. Treatment for Wounds
10. Cures Bleeding diarrhoea.


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