Money Tree Small

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  • Growing Propagating Money Plant in Soil

    First method

    1. Select a medium sized pot with holes at the bottom to provide good drainage. The growth of the plant depends on the pot size.
    2. Fill the pot with a free-draining soil. Actually any soil will do.
    3. Make a hole in the soil and insert the node of the cut stem (as above) and fill the hole with the soil.
    4. Watering Money Plant: Water well once the roots are formed to grow it faster. Allow the soil to dry out between two watering. Water your money plant every 8 to 10 days. I water my plant in about 10 days.
    5. Over-watering will cause roots to rot. Leaves turning yellow and curling up is the sign of excessive watering.
    6. Put a stick in the soil, so that the vine can climb.

    Second method

    1. To help the plant to grow faster, first put the cutting in water as above and let the roots develop.You can then carefully transfer the plant to a pot containing soil.

    Fertilizer For Money Plant

    Normally, no fertilizer is necessary for moneyplant. However, you can give a liquid nitrate based feed occasionally.You can make a homemade fertilizer for money plant by adding used tea leaves, coffee grounds and powdered egg shells in soil.

    Pruning and Trimming of Money Plant

    If you do not prune your money plant, it will grow very long. To maintain the size of your money plant, carefully prune the plant each year so that it stays low to the trunk with a compact look.


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