Miniature Rose, Button Rose (Yellow) – Plant

Miniature Rose, Button Rose (Yellow) – Plant

Climbing roses usually need support by securing to a pillar, fence or wall but some can be grown more as a shrub. Some are also suitable as a groundcover. Many rebloom throughout summer but some flower just once in spring.


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Common Name: Miniature Rose (Parade Rose)
Scientific Name: Rosa hybrids
Lighting: Bright Light
Watering: Heavy


The Miniature Rose also called Parade Rose among other names, is an extremely common and beautiful houseplant. To me Miniature Roses seem to add a bit of elegance to a home. These houseplants require more work than most houseplants. Caring for a Miniature Rose is similar to their full-sized version.

Miniature Roses require a lot of bright light, so keep the plant right next to a window receiving sunlight a good portion of the day. If the stems begin to reach and the plant seems to be thinning or spreading out, it is not receiving enough light.

These houseplants are need lots of water. For best results, water your Miniature Rose at least twice a week. They also require high humidity levels, so provide it with a weekly misting or more.

Miniature Rose plants are also prone to spider mites and other pests. If the appearance of pests is seen, spray the plant with a soapy dishwater mixture at least twice a day for about a week. If this does not seem to be getting rid of your pests, visit your local garden center for an organic spray. One thing you can do to help prevent pests from attacking your plant is to give it a weekly shower!


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