Mehndi, Mehandi – Plant

Mehndi, Mehandi – Plant

It is a middle-sized shrub with many branches. The flowers have fragrance and are small in white or pinkish colour.


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Henna or Mehndi (Indian name) is a traditional medicinal plant. It is a middle-sized shrub with many branches with a height of 1.8-7.6m. The flowers have fragrance and are small in white or pinkish colour. This plant is a gift of naturefor fashion in the eastern and western countries to colour their bodies and hair as well. The leaves are 1.3 -3.2 cm andnumerous flowers of Henna are less than 1.2 cm. The capsule contains many seeds. Indian women use it as a fashion in every occasion to dye the hair, decorate the palms, nail and feet. Men also use to dye their hair, beard, etc.

Caring for Mehndi
Prepare the growing surface. Layer several flat paper towels on top of each other. The goal is to create a thick, sturdy cushion that will serve as the seeds  incubator.

Add water. Sprinkle cold water onto the paper towels without saturating them. Paper towels should be moist, but solid enough that you can pick them up.

Add seeds. Sprinkle a pinch of seeds down the middle of the moist paper towels. Add a generous number of seeds, but don’t overdo it! You should be able to see plenty of white space between the seeds and the paper towels. Fold the paper towels in half down the middle with the seeds inside.

Chill seeds. Place the folded paper towels into the Ziploc bag. If you need to fold the paper towels additional times to make them fit, that is fine. Seal the bag and place it in a refrigerator. The refrigerator replicates winter temperatures and prepares the seeds for “spring” and germination.


  • Flowering usually does not take place until the plants are five or six years of age, and may require warm winter temperatures. The flowers grow in fragrant clusters in colors including red, white, pink or yellow.


  • Outdoors, henna plants can reach 20 feet high but grow more like shrubs in cool, moist regions. If grown indoors as a houseplant, they will reach about 8 feet in height in five years, but can be pruned for controlled growth.


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