Medicine Combo


Medicine Combo

1.  Aloe vera
2. Aparajita
3. Giloy
4. Ashwagandha Plants

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Aloevera is a succulent plant species of the genus Aloe. An evergreen perennial, it originates from the Arabian Peninsula but grows wild in tropical climates around the world and is cultivated for agricultural and medicinal uses.

Aparajita is also known as neel Kant because the flower of aparajita is totally blue. Its English name is Clitoris ternatea. common names including butterfly pea, blue pea, Cordofan pea and Asian pigeon wings, is a plant species belonging to the Fabaceae family.

Giloy also known as Guluchi /Guduchi, is a famous Ayurvedic perennial climber herb in India. It grows in deciduous forests often on mango, banyan or neem tree. It has significant heart shaped leaves, yellow flowers and ripe drupes a rare in color. The barks are grey in color and roots are aerial in nature.

Aloe vera produces two substances used for medicine: The gel is obtained from the cells in the center of the leaf, and
the latex is obtained from the cells just beneath the leaf skin.

It has significant heart shaped leaves, yellow flowers and ripe drupes are red in colour. Ashwagandha, Indian ginseng, poison gooseberry, or winter cherry, is aplant in the Solanaceae or nightshade family. Several other species in the genus Withania are morphologically similar. It is used as an herb in Ayurvedic medicine.


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