Madar Or Aak Plant

Madar Or Aak Plant

Plant name Madar
Plant size 1 feet
Plant pot size 8 inch

Aak is known as "Arka" in Sanskrit. When we talk about the medicinal properties of this herb, it
is mostly addressed with the name of Arka. Aak is a common Hindi name given to this plant which is familiar to the Indians as a perennial bush growing almost anywhere in the wild.


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Calotropis gigantea or  Madar plant common shrub grows up to 4 meters in height. The lavender or white flowers have a waxy appearance, with ridged edges. Each flower has five petals and a small crown.

This crown holds the stamens. The sepals or petals of the flower remain arranged in a whorl do not overlap but only touch each other. The aak leaves are light green, subsessile, ovate and cordate at the base. The stem is milky.

Common names of aak plant

The common names of this plant are Sodom’s milkweed, Erukku, and Alarka. It has the English name Swallow Wort. It also has the name Aak or Ark (Sanskrit). Other names are Kapok tree, rubber bush, Neela Eukku.

Uses of Madar Flower

  • It cures medical conditions: Arka finds a use for treating conditions such as excessive salivation.
  • Treat piles: You can treat hemorrhoids with this Madar herb. Apply the latex on the piles topically. Find home remedies for piles.
  • Correct eating disorders: People use Arka to treat anorexia.
  • Carminative effect: You can cure the gas in the intestines with this Arka plant extract.
  • Good for the digestive system: Arka is light and easy to digest and improves digestive strength.
  • It improves sexual health: The Madar plant extract preparations make tonics for sexual health. People use this herb as an aphrodisiac.
  • Good for coughs: You get relief from coughs and asthma by using the Arka herb. It is a good expectorant and finds use in treating respiratory disorders.


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