Golden Bamboo Plant

Golden Bamboo Plant

The Golden Bamboo adds style and functionality to any landscape. The Asian appeal of the light green is bolstered by saber tooth leaves that give Golden Bamboo its priceless look.


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Basic Care

The Golden Bamboo plant is widely grown as a houseplant indoors or in a garden. It is very easy to plant and grow a Golden Bamboo Plant.

Phyllostachys Aurea is a low-maintenance plantThe decorative structure of the plant makes it more appealing as a houseplant. It grows very fast.Basic watering, lighting and soil conditions are enough to grow this plant.


The Golden Bamboo plant does not require much water to grow. Medium watering is enough for the plant to thrive and growThe plant should not be allowed to stand in water for a long time. This may cause damage to the roots of the plant.


The Golden Bamboo plant needs full sunlight to growSunlight helps the plant to grow faster. It generally grows faster than most house plants, if kept in a proper place that receives proper sunlight. Full sunlight to partial sunlight is acceptable to grow a Golden Bamboo tree.


The soil should be well-drainedGood drainage capacity of the soil helps the plant to grow properly. The water-level remains balanced.


The Golden Bamboo plant is a flowering plant. It produces flowers that are generally yellow or golden in colour.


This plant grows at a very high speed. It can grow up to 30 feet in height. The plants growing indoors never reach that height, though. The fast growth of the plant makes it ideal to create a privacy screen in the indoors of a house or an office.

The plant should get enough space to growAs it grows fast, the place where it is planned should be adequate to hold the plant even in its mature state. Repotting the plant becomes a necessary, if it is planted in a pot inside the house.


The Golden Bamboo plant is a perfect ornamental plant for the indoors. The evergreen foliage of the Golden Bamboo gives a unique texture to the indoors. It is also often planted to form a privacy screen in the house or in an office. It helps in noise reduction as well.


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