Gerbera Plant

Gerbera Plant

Gerbera (Gerbera jamesonii) commonly known as Transwal Daisy or African Daisy is an important flower grown throughout the world under wide range of climatic conditions. Gerberas flower can give very high return if planned and maintained well.

Here is the complete guide to cultivate Gerberas daisy in India. Discover how to plant Gerberas, protect Gerbera plant from various diseases and harvest Gerberas flowers in scientific way to get maximum market value.


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How To Grow Gerbera Plants

          The most inexpensive way to produce gerberas is from seed obtained from reputable seed suppliers.
  • Seeds should be germinated in an artificial growing medium. Germinating seeds in field sand or field sand mixed with materials such as per lite and/or peat moss is not recommended because field sand is usually not sterile.
  • Artificial growing media that are sterile, lightweight, and have good water retention capacity and drainage can be purchased in garden supply stores. These materials often have fertilizers incorporated.


  • The medium can be placed in flats or pots that have drainage holes. Make shallow rows in the medium approximately twice the depth of the diameter of the seed, sow seeds in the rows, cover lightly with extra medium and water carefully.


  • After seeds are planted and watered, cover the container with a sheet of glass or clear plastic and place the germination container approximately 18 inches (45.7 cm) below a fluorescent light. Check the medium daily for moisture and for signs of seed germination.


  • The medium should never be allowed to dry, especially when gerberas seeds are starting to germinate. When watering is necessary, apply a sufficient amount to allow excess water to drain out of the container. Any water that collects in the saucer beneath the germination container should be discarded.


  • Tall and spindly seedlings can be avoided by transplanting seedlings to small pots as soon as the first true leaves appear. Seedlings can be grown in small pots until they are large enough to transplant into flower beds.


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