Garlic Creeper, Mansoa Alliacea – Plant

Garlic Creeper, Mansoa Alliacea – Plant

Garlic Vine is one of the most rewarding, flowering vines that you can grow. Interestingly enough it smells like garlic. However, it doesn’t smell if the plant is left alone, only when the leaves are crushed. It can either be described as a shrub or a vine since it produces numerous woody vines from the root that grow only 2-3 m tall and form a shrub-like appearance.


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Medicinal uses

It is a very common and well respected plant remedy in the Amazon for the pain and inflammation of arthritis and rheumatism, as well as, colds, flu, and fever.  It can be found as an ingredient in other various multi-herb formulas for cold and flu, pain, inflammation and arthritis in general.

How To Grow Mansoa alliacea Plant

Mansoa alliacea, or The garlic vine, also called the false garlic plant, is a woody climbing vine with beautiful flowers. Garlic creeper is a delight to grow as it shoots up very fast and when in bloom it is a sight to behold! Growing garlic vine in very rewarding because it produces beautiful lavender blossoms, bell-shaped and fragrant.

According to plant lore, a garlic vine eliminates the bad luck from a house. The name is derived because the leaves when crushed smells of garlic.

Garlic Creeper is a beautiful ornamental vine with opposite leaves divided into two ovate leaflets. The flowers are funnel shaped and purple to pale lavender to white, which become lighter as they age. We raise all plants with extreme care and affection, After all they are Nature’s Best Creations! What makes us different? We never raise plants with an intent to sell.

So we will have only few extra plants to share. We are concerned about two things: Our plants & Customer satisfaction.


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