Fish Tail Fern – Plant

Fish Tail Fern – Plant

The fish tail fern is a shade-loving plant. It is an excellent hanging basket plant and it does well outdoors too.


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Fish Tail Fern Plant

This large fern variety has fronds up to 36″ long that are less pendulant and lighter green than the parent species. Its pinnae (leaflets) tips are once or twice forked like a fish’s tail giving an unusual appearance. It makes an excellent large hanging basket or specimen pot/urn planting. When planted as an annual in the garden during warm weather it creates an interesting texture in the landscape or color bed.

Pests and Diseases: Snails, Leaf blight /leaf spots.

The name fish tail fern was given because the leaves or fronds are crested or forked resembling the tail of a fish. Fish tail fern variety’s fronds or leaves can grow up to 36” long and are light green. Just like any other fern, the fish tail fern is not difficult to grow.

Planting And Care

The fish-tail fern are shade-loving plants and too much exposure to full sunlight damages the leaves causing scorching or sun scalding. These ferns need average but regular watering. To ensure healthy growth, fertilization is necessary and at least once in 45 days.

Fish tail ferns is an excellent choice for large hanging baskets or in a big pot and it also creates an interesting texture in a big landscape or in between a color bed and as it has a long vase life this plant make it a high potential for cut foliage and can provide an addition livelihood opportunities for its growers.


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