Ficus Infectoria, White Fig – Plant

Ficus Infectoria, White Fig – Plant

This is a very massive tree in which the size of the crown can sometimes exceed the height of the tree. the oldest and most massive pilkhan trees in Delhi can be seen inside the complex of the Humayun’s Tomb.


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  • The Ficus infectoria is famously known as the White fig or Ficus Iceland.
  • It hails from the Moraceae family, a distinct group of fig and mulberry.
  • The Ficus is a native of the tropical regions of East Asia but it is widely grown in all the tropical regions of the world.
  • The flowers are inconspicuous and the chief reason for the growth of the plant is its foliages.


  • The white fig plant is easy to grow and maintain.
  • The tree grows well when a temperature range of 60 – 70 degrees Fahrenheit is provided to it.


The white fig plant can grow up to a maximum height of 2 to 30 metres basing upon the natural conditions of the region where it is planted.


  • The attractive foliages of the White fig plant are widely used for ornamental purposes.
  • The fig plant can be used as glass cover, fish tank, or construction of transparent sheets for decoration purpose.
  • The plant can be kept in living room or terrace for its aesthetic value.


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