Ficus Benjamina, Weeping Fig – Plant

Ficus Benjamina, Weeping Fig – Plant

Ficus is a pan-tropical genus of trees, shrubs and vines occupying a wide variety of ecological niches, most are evergreen, but some deciduous species are endemic to areas outside of the tropics and to higher elevations.


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Ficus benjamina, also known as the weeping fig tree, is a beautiful and beneficial tree that comes from Southeast Asia and Northern Australia.

In this guide you’ll learn exactly how to grow a weeping fig plant in your home, as well as the beneficial properties it has for your health.​

Ficus Benjamina Care

Overall, weeping fig plants are easy to care for. They love high humidity areas, so placing them in a bathroom so they can take advantage of the shower mist is a good idea.

Once you decide where to place your weeping fig, try not to move it. They do not do well adapting to different environments and may start to drop leaves.​


For the most part, weeping figs don’t suffer from too many diseases. In fact, most of the ‘diseases’ I will list here are caused by the gardener!

Drooping Leaves

If you notice leaves starting to drop in the fall, don’t worry. This is completely normal and there’s no way to prevent it. However, there are other reasons for leaves to drop that you can prevent. Weeping figs can stress easily and respond by dropping leaves, so try to keep them in the same location once you place them in your home. You should also make sure they have the perfect growing conditions to prevent further stress.


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