Dracaena Victoria Plant

Dracaena Victoria Plant

Plant name – Dracaena victoria plant
Height – 1.5 to 2 feet

Color- Golden, Green
Pot size- 10 inch


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Dracaena Victoria Plants

Family: Araukariengewächse (Araucariaeceae)

Order: heterophylla

Species: Norfolk pine (Araucaria heterophylla)

Trivial Names: Araucaria heterophylla, norfolk pine, andes pine

Origin: australian Norfolk Island

Planting And Care

  1. conical growth habit
  2. grows up to 2 m in indoor cultivation
  3. grey-brown, scaled bark
  4. female cones up to 18 cm, male cones circa 4 cm long
  5. light- to darkgreen, needle-like 4-5 mm long leaves


The Norfolk pine (Araucaria heterophylla) comes from a subtropical climate zone, where there are only two seasons: the rainy, mild vegetation phase between April and September, and the cool, dry winter break between October and March.

  • the root bale shouldn´t ever dry out, but there should also be no waterlogging
  • there is more water, when the surface is dried out
  • please use only collected rainwater or decalcified water
  • if your pine is positioned on a flower pot saucer without pebbles, you should empty it after every 20 minutes


During the main growth phase you should spoil your Norfolk fir every 14 days with a liquid fertilizer. Hobby gardeners swear by Azalea-fertilizer, because this comes closer to the needs of the conifers than the special preparations for firs or other green plant fertilizer.



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