Clitoria Ternatea, Gokarna (Blue) – Plant

Clitoria Ternatea, Gokarna (Blue) – Plant

This wonderful twining plant generously bears quite large flowers.


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Clitoria is easy to grow and is a moderate maintenance plant. These are drought tolerant plant. The foliage of the plant is evergreen and has a smooth texture.

You can propagate the clitoria from the seeds. If you are planning to propagate it indoors then sow the seeds before the last frost.


Clitoria has average water needs. Water them regularly with 3 to 4 cups of water as they are heat lovers.

Avoid watering during the rainy season. The plant cannot tolerate standing water. Make sure there is no waterlogging.


Replace the top layer of the soil each year in the spring with compost to have a stimulate growth of the clitoria.

Use all-purpose organic fertilizers. Feed them with water-soluble fertilizers around once or twice in a month.

While re-potting the plant, make sure you keep 3 to 4 inches of space. Plant them during the spring;when the temperature is suitable for their growth.


Clitoria requiresfull sunlightThey need a temperature between 20°C to 30°C. They can’t tolerate shade for a long time. Keep them in a position where it receives direct sunlight, but make sure it is not overexposed to it.


A well-draining neutral soil is required by clitoria. The ph. value of the soil should range from 6.8 to 7.5. Deep loamy soil tends to drain well, so it is better to use that for its cultivation.


The flower isBlue or White in color and is usually appears upside down. They bloom during the month of June.

It is the distinctive feature of the flower which attracts the gardeners


The average height of the plant is around 15 to 30 feet.


Clitoria plant commonly known as Shankhpushpi in India is widely used in Ayurveda. It is said that they can improve memory and mental power. People use it in treating fatigues, leukoderma, excessive menstruation, high blood pressure etc. The powder of the roots is used in treating coughs and headaches. Make sure you refer a physician before relying on the organic treatment.


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