Bunny Ears

Bunny Ears

Bunny ears forms a 2- to 3-foot tall plant with a spread of 4 to 5 feet in its native habitat. In the home, it is a
slow growing plant that will likely reach 2 feet in height and have about the same width. It makes an excellent
container plant with its paired 3- to 6-inch long pads, which start out a rosy red and deepen to bright green. An interesting bit of bunny ears cactus information is that it does not develop spines. Instead, it grows glochids, which are short whitish brown prickles.

These still have the ability to bite, so caution is urged when handling the cactus. If you are lucky, the plant may produce 2-inch wide creamy yellow flowers in summer, followed by globular purple fruits.


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The Bunny Ears cactus forms a dense shrub, about 40-60 cm tall, with pad-like stems 6-15cm long and 4-12cm wide.
It has no spines, but rather numerous white or yellow glochids (hair-like prickles) that are 2-3mm long and found in dense clusters. The flowers emerge from the top edges of the pads in April and May. The yellow flowers appear only rarely.

Planting and care

Re-pot when the plant performs clump and goes beyond the pot size. It should be done before or after the rainy season and in the spring season.
Re-pot with the following proportions: 3 parts of potting soil, 1 part of grit (pumice), 1 part of the horticultural-grade sand, 1/2 part of the compost etc.

Caring for Bunny Ear


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