Areca Palm Plant For Airpurifier

Areca Palm Plant For Airpurifier

The Areca palm, native to Madagascar, is one of the most popular indoor houseplants sold today. Indoors an Areca palm is a medium sized exotic looking plant that can reach a height of 6-8 feet, outdoors it may be as tall as 25 feet. The Areca palm gets its nickname, the Butterfly palm, because its long feathery fronds (leaves) arch upwards off multiple reed- like stems, resembling butterfly wings.


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Each frond has between 40-60 leaflets on it. When first bought, Areca palms are a delight, inexpensive good-sized plants with beautiful green upright fronds. However, over time, the overall appearance of an Areca palm may diminish; the older bottom fronds turn yellow and the larger fronds droop and bend.

Areca palm ( Chrysalidocarpus lutescens ) is one of the most widely used palms for bright interiors. It features feathery, arching fronds, each with up to 100 leaflets. These big, bold plants command attention.

Special Care Of Areca Palm

The care of areca palms indoors isn’t difficult, but the plant won’t tolerate neglect. Water them often enough to keep
the soil lightly moist in spring and summer, and allow the soil to dry slightly between waterings in fall and winter.


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