Araucaria Plant

Araucaria Plant

Plant name Araucaria.
Height –3 feet
Pot size- 10 inch

Araucaria.Araucaria, genus of 20 species of pinelike coniferousplants in the family Araucariaceae. The name of the genus is derived from Arauco, the name of a district in southern Chile where the trees were first discovered.


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Common name: Norfolk Island Pine, Christmas Tree Plant, Australian Pine, House Pine

Synonymous: Araucaria excelsa

Family: Araucariaceae


This conifer is rarely exceeds 1-2m (3-6 feet) indoors, where it grows very slowly – no more than 15cm (6 inch) a year. Its branches with tiny needles clustered together in fan shape are arranged in tiers. New growth – which is normally produced in spring – is a bright fresh green and this colour is held until the autumn, when it darkens. The branches are heavy but they do not need to be given any extra support, since the main stem turns woody in time.

Araucaria Plants Care:-

Do not trim or prune the Araucaria heterophylla. Never cut off the top or trim the sides of this plant. It does not need to be shaped at all. Remove any lower branches that die, using sharp pruners to prevent tearing the stems.


Araucaria heterophylla do best in medium light. They should not be placed too far from the window, however, or their needles will fall. Turn the plant regularly to encourage symmetrical growth.


A wide range of temperatures (ideally 7-24oC (45-75oF)) can be tolerated. Above 27oC these conifers must have high humidity; mist-spray the foliage occasionally. Provide some ventilation or stand outside during the summer months.


During the active growth period water plentifully, as often as necessary to keep the potting moisture thoroughly moist, but never allow the pot to stand in water. During the rest period water moderately, enough to make the potting mixture thoroughly moist, but allow the top 2-3cm (0.8-1 inch) to dry out between watering.



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