Amla Plants

Amla Plants

Amla is the greatest boon to the humanity and one of the effective traditional herbal medicines, which had been used totreat and manage diseases since the ancient times. Hardly any people are unaware about its importance and significance as it is associated with multiple health and medicinal benefits. Indian Gooseberry is the reservoir of minerals, vitamins and other bio-chemical substances. To some extent, it is bitter in taste but the ayurvedic marvel can be used in many forms such as eaten raw, juice, chutneys, pickles, Murabbas, and used with other recipes using its powder.


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How to Grow Amla Tree

 How to grow from seed:

  • After harvesting the fruits of Amla, dry it in the sunlight. When the fruit gets dry, remove the peel. After removing the peel, there is a hexagonal rigid armor inside it, removing the armor small seeds are released.
  • Take this seed by taking water in a bowl and pouring this seed. Leave the seed in water for 12 hours. Remove the seed and immediately prepare to sow it.
  • To prepare the soil, take the potting mix and half quantity of manure and mix them. Fill this mixture in the sowing pot. In each pot, place the seeds of Indian gooseberry in a depth of 1/4 inches. Add water to the mixture of soil until it becomes completely moderately moist.
  • Keep watching the mixture of soil and if the mixture looks dry, then immediately pour water. Avoid drying the soil, but Do not get soggy.
  • Place the container inside a large window or keep it in a lightly shaded cold place. put the pot on the propagation mat.
    Watch the seedling for 3 weeks. After the germination of seed remove from propagation mat.
  • Let Indian gooseberry grow seedlings in a partial shade in the beginning summer. Give at least 2 inches of water each week. Then slowly put them in the direct sun, when the arrival of autumn then transplant it into the ground or container.

Top benefits of Amla

1. Alma for hair
2. Amla for glowing skin
3. Amla to burn fat
4. Amla for eyes
5. Prevents cough and cold
6. Cure mouth ulcer.
7. Control diabetes
8. Amla for healthy heart
9. Amla for digestion
10. Amla to relives asthma.


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