Aloe Humilis

Aloe Humilis

The leaves are a pale blue-green, erect or in-curved, with short translucent white “teeth” along the edges. There are many small white prickles and nodules on both sides of the leaf. The hedgehog aloe has very large blooms compared to the size of the plant.


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It is a very variable species due to the diverse growing conditions of its distribution area, being found in both winter and summer rainfall climates.

It is interesting to note that plants that come from the Graff-Reinet area are frost hardy, whereas those that grow closer to the coast are unable to tolerate any frost at all.

This is a useful little aloe for rocky, exposed areas of the garden and grows happily in small pockets of a rockery.

Aloe humilis

aloe humilis is a low growing succulent that forms dense clusters of small, up to 8 inch (20 cm) wide, stemless (or very shortly stemmed) rosettes.

The leaves are up to 5 inches (12.5 cm) long and 0.7 inch (1,8 cm) wide, pale blue-green or grey-green, in-curved, triangular-shaped (20 to 30 per rosette).

They have long, soft, white, marginal spines up to 0.1 inch (3 mm) long and a gray-green, waxy surface covered with irregularly spaced bumps.

The unbranched, up to 1.1 feet (35 cm) tall flower spikes bearing about 20 pendulous up to 2 inches (5 cm) long, bright red-orange flowers.

How to Grow and Care

Aloe is a very forgiving plant, and a well-grown plant can be quite beautiful. As with all succulents, it’s essential that Aloe is never allowed to sit in stagnant water, and the plant should be carefully monitored to watch for signs of over watering.

Aloe are not particularly fast-growing and will only rarely need re-potting. Re-pot plants in the spring that are tipping over their pots or have ceased growing.

Use a fast-draining potting mix with one-third sand or pebbles. During re-potting of a larger plant, it is possible to carefully divide the root ball. Some kinds of Aloe will send off off-sets that can be potted independently.


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