Albizia Procera, Siris – plant

Albizia Procera, Siris – plant

It is a fast-growing deciduous tree has a straight to somewhat curved stem, smoothish light brown to light greenish gray bark, and a spreading thin crown.


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It is a low maintenance and a fast growing plant which grows in most of the soil but prefers garden soil. It needs a good amount of sunlight, it can also survive in partial shade.


It grows well in acidic, well-drained soil. It can withstand soils of in temperate and humid regions.


During summer it needs lots of water and during winter it doesn’t need much water. During the early stage make sure to water frequently so that the soil does not dry. If it dries then there is a chance that the plant may die. Water only if the soil is dry for better growth.


This plant can withstand a heavy sunlight and it can also be grown indoors with shady lighting.


The flower of this plant is small and purple in colour and this flower grows up to a size of about 2 centimetres which gives a good look to the living room.


This plant grows to a height of above 5 metres and spread up to 5 meters which also can be grown inside until it gets large enough.


As for most of the plants feed it with a nitrogen-rich fertilizer and using liquid fertilizer can be the best solution.

This plant can be fed with the fertilizer with every month for the better growth as it is already a fast-growing plant


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