Agave Americana

Agave Americana

Succulents are generally small in size and are considered to be low maintenance plants, they come in varied colors making it soothing for any eyes.

Agave americana is known as century plant but it typically only lives between 10 and 30 years. It can grow 1-2 m high and 2-4 m across. Older individuals may sometimes develop a short woody stem at the base of the plant and commonly produces numerous suckers(adventitious roots) which form a large clump or colony. When fully mature, A. americana develops a massive flower cluster on a robust flowering stem 6-12 m tall.


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Agave Americana Growing Tips

Agaves thrive on neglect. They grow quickly and remain attractive all year. Here are some tips for getting your agave plants established.

Propagation: Since it can take years for an agave plant to produce seed, most are propagated by offsets or tissue culture.

Soil: Agave will tolerate any well-draining soil, but their preference is rocky or sandy soil. They are not particular about soil pH.

WaterAlthough mature plants are very drought tolerant, when you are first establishing a plant outdoors, water it every 4 – 5 days for the first month. Then once a week, gradually spacing watering to every other week, depending on the weather.

Feeding: Don’t feed agave plants. Agaves seem to take care of themselves. Feeding encourages flowering, which you don’t want to happen too soon, since agave plants die off after flowering.


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