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Cbd Lotion For Pain

Because this weed lube is water-based, it may also moisturize and soothe irritation. GoLove uses special glass to bottle their lubricant because plastics absorb 10% of cannabinoids.

Created by Dr. Sadie Allison, sexologist and author, you can be confident that it’s formulated with your safety and satisfaction in mind. Our collection of CBD products for sex and intimacy are explicitly designed to enhance pleasure and arousal. Given that the active ingredient offers benefits ranging from relaxation and the relief of soreness to significant reductions in anxiety levels, these advantages span far beyond pain management alone. CBD products for sex and intimacy have grown exponentially in popularity due to the many ways they can enable and empower a more enjoyable sexual experience.

will cbd oil help sciatica

Sometimes partners can begin to feel as though their sex life may have become a bit stale or routine. Or perhaps due to stress or an underlying medical condition it can be difficult to summon the energy needed for sexual activity.

In these situations, patients find that medical cannabis high in THC can be stimulating and energizing. When taken at an appropriate dose, THC can help people to feel focused, active, stimulated, and creative. It is for these reasons and more that medical cannabis researchers are studying cannabis as a potential treatment for patients with ADD/ADHD. Additionally, cannabis can help people to think “outside the box” and look at situations with a different, fresh perspective.

  • Maybe for you, it will lessen anxiety making you relax and enjoy the moment.
  • Typically, the higher the dose, the more unanticipated side effects.
  • The more CBD the less euphoric, making it a great choice for before an encounter or after one.
  • It may cause side effects like sleepiness, diarrhea, rash, decreased appetite and weakness, and it may interact with some medications, likeantidepressants.
  • CBD is sold in various strengths and forms including oils, capsules, edibles and topicals at health food stores, smoke shops, pharmacies and more (if it’s legal in your state).

According to sex therapist Lawrence Siegel, THC targets a part of the brain associated with libido and sexual arousal in women. CBD, a non-psychoactive cannabis compound, is associated with relaxation and decreased pain, meaning it could be helpful for women who have endometriosis or who experience pain during sex. Using 200 mg of CBD derived from American hemp grown to organic standards, this CBD lube purportedly can ease anxiety and pain as well as relax pelvic muscles and increase blood flow.

The Evidence For Cannabidiol Health Benefits

This type of creative outlook can lead to couples finding new solutions to any previous intimacy barriers and can even lead to new discoveries such as the introduction of sex toys, kink exploration, or fun new sexual positions. This concept is so strongly supported that some companies have created CBD products specifically intended for women who experience sensitivity or pain during sex. CBD can help to improve circulation and repair tissue damage, as well as stimulate natural lubrication. All of these basic functionalities promote successful sexual interactions. Research also seems to indicate that cannabis affects men and women in different ways, especially when sex is a factor.

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