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  1. Goldan snake plant
  2. philodendron Ceylon green plant

     Material – Ceramic      Height – 8 inch Diameter – 5.2 inch Color – Green,golden Height – 4.8 inch Base of Plant – Cocopeat Color –wight,black

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Celebrate this festive season with this perfect gifting idea from green nurtures. The exclusive combo
includes colorful ceramic pot, Golden snake plant and green plants with pot looks very nice to complete the
celebratory mood. These plants are beautiful and decorative to be placed inside your house or office to
add to the decor and along with a refreshing feel are said to bring good fortune.

Planting and care

Philodendron care incorporates three basic needs: sunlight, water and fertilizer.
Use small 5 to 8 Inch pots. Use colourful pots to make the potted plant look attractive.

Caring for Philodendron Ceylon Golden

  • Set the plant in a location with bright, indirect sunlight. Find a position near a window where the suns rays never actually touch the foliage.
  • While it is normal for older leaves to yellow, if this happens to several leaves at the same time, the plant may be getting too much light. When growing philodendron plants, allow the top inch of soil to dry out between waterings.
  • The length of your index finger to the first knuckle is about an inch, so inserting your finger into the soil is a good way to check the moisture level.
  • Feed Philodendron house plants with a balanced liquid foliage houseplant fertilizer that contains micro nutrients. Water the plant with the fertilizer monthly in spring and summer and every six to eight weeks in fall and winter.
  • Slow growth and small leaf size is the plant’s way of telling you that it is not getting enough fertilizer.
  • Pale new leaves usually indicate that the plant is not getting enough calcium and magnesium, which are essential micro-nutrients for philodendrons


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