Haworthia Limifolia | File Leafed Haworthia

Haworthia Limifolia | File Leafed Haworthia

Haworthia Limifolia(Fairy Washboard) is a huge genus of small succulent plants endemic to Southern Africa. H.Limifolia are tiny succulent plants, forming rosettes of leaves from 3 cm to exceptionally 30 cm in diameter, depending on the species. These rosettes are generally stemless but in some species stems reach up to 50 cm. These plants can propagate solitary. Many species have firm and fleshy leaves, usually dark green in color, whereas others are softer and contain leaf windows with translucent panels through which sunlight can reach internal photosynthetic tissues. Generally, white flowers of Haworthia Limifolia are small. However, their leaves show variations even within one species. Due to lack of water their colors may change to red and purple. They don’t require much care and can even remain many weeks without water.


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How to care Haworthia Limifolia

Required Light for Haworthias Limifolia

Haworthias are usually adaptable plants. They don’t require direct sunlight or deep shade. Sunlight will make the leaves red, purple or brown color. Keep it in shady place, color of leaves fade over time.

Deep shade or dark place makes the plant feeble. If you notice that the plant becoming extremely light green or the plant stops being compact it means it need more light.


In summer, Haworthias Limifolia needs water once in a week while in winter once in a month. Over-watering may rotten the plant. So do not provide excessive water to it.

Humidity for H.Limifolia or File Leafed Haworthia

Like many other succulent plants it does not require humidity. They prefer good ventilation. So avoid keep them in airless corners of your house.


It doesn’t like being too cold and absolutely no lower than 4°C (40°F).

How to Propagate Haworthia Limifolia

While re-potting Haworthia, you can segregate the offsets from the parent.  Wait for a day for the offset to dry slightly. This reduces the chances of the raw wound from rotting when added to compost. Then put it in a small container using a cactus compost mix.

Flowers of Fairy Washboard

Haworthia Limifolia is a flowering houseplant. The flowers of H.Limifolia normally appear in summer season if they’ve been treated well during the year.


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