Bromeliads | Guzmania lingulata

Bromeliads | Guzmania lingulata

Bromeliads(Guzmania lingulata) are members of a plant family well known as Bromeliaceae. Pineapple is well- known Bromeliad. Bromeliads are easy to grow plants. They need very less care. These plants come in a huge range of sizes from tiny miniatures to giants.


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Bromeliads(Guzmania lingulata) Plant also known as scarlet star. It is an evergreen epiphytic perennial. Scarlet star can be grown indoors in a cool atmosphere as well as outdoors in temperate areas. There are few exceptions; the flower stalk is developed from the centre of the rosette. In rare cases, Guzmania lingulata only flower a single time. Once the plant stops producing leaves and flower, it will not start generate leaves again. However, vegetative produce new plantlets called pups or offsets. Pups are usually grows near the base of the plant or inside the sheath of a leaf.

When to plant  

Bromeliads are not seasonal plants. They grow all year round. They are independent from a certain temperature or air humidity to thrive, and can bear freezing winter as well as hot summer days. In extremes, humidity can affect the appearance of the foliage, changing its texture & color.

How to grow Bromeliad Plant

The roots of a Bromeliad(Scarlet star) are purely for balance, as the leaves of the plant supply all the nutrients, food & water it requires. There is no need to prepare soil as the best way to plant a Bromeliad is to place the plant, pot and all, inside a gravel-lined hole in the ground.


Occasionally, fertilize the Bromeliads. Feed them with a spray of quarter-strength Aquasol no more than twice a year. In winter season never fertilize a Bromeliad and always try to provide water lightly, just before fertilization. 


Doesn’t over-water a Bromeliad otherwise it will kill your plant. Monitor the plant if it seems dry then water it.


Simply remove or cut off any harmful bits on the leaves of Bromeliad, by following the natural shape of the leaf. Cutting like this has no consequences for the Guzmania lingulata plant.

How to keep pests away

Bromeliads(Guzmania lingulata) are a long-lasting species, rarely bothered by pests. Do not use pesticides, as they tend to smother the plants’ breathing pores. Avoid over-watering it. Scales insects can be simply wiped away because Bromeliads breathe through their leaves so do not apply white oil as it will suffocate them. Fungal rot is a probable muddle, but it is quite easy to avoid – just use the correct potting mix & do not over water. 

Flowering season 

Flowering season of Scarlet star depends on the age of the plant. The offspring created by a flowering Bromeliad, will develop as the mother plant ages, and eventually take over. It means your plant will be constantly in bloom, with old & new flowers.


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