Bonsai KalpVriksh |Tree Of Life


Bonsai KalpVriksh |Tree Of Life

Bonsai Kalpavriksha(Adansonia Digitata) also known as Baobab. Its origin in the African savannahs. It is believed to have been brought to India by Arab slaves & soldiers, hundreds of years ago.  Due to its capacity to provide food, shelter & water stored in large quantities in its broad trunk, it is commonly known as Tree of Life.

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Baobab (Chemist tree) is a tree whose average life is more than 2000-2500 years. It is one of the trees which are traditionally used for health promoting effects. Leaves of Kalpavriksha tree(Adansonia Digitata) have innumerable magically medicinal properties and could be of great aid in several deficiencies of Calcium (Ca) and Vitamins. It is said that few leaves of Baobab(Tree of Life) can help in supplementing our daily nutritional needs. These leaves also contain antioxidants, which have anti-aging properties. This means they help in staying healthier for a long and happy life.


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