Do You Know Benefits of Mint (Pudina)?

Do You Know Benefits of Mint (Pudina)?

All forms of Mint (including sweet mint, peppermint, spearmint, and chocolate mint) are speedy-growing, plants. They are spreading plants that’s why you have to provide them an area to spread freely or plant them in a large pot. Mint sends out runners that spread above & below the ground, fast forming large, lush green patches. In the right region it makes a quite seasonal ground cover. You can also incorporate mint in tight places consisting of among pavers of a walkway where your toes will brush in opposition to the leaves to release its aroma.

10 Reasons Why Grow Mint or Pudina

  1. Mint grows so fast: it is a fast spreading plant which spread very fast in the area where it is grown. So, it is good to plant it in a neglected area of your yard or a high traffic area.
  2. It can grow in a Container: Very easy and comfortable to grow mint in a container and ensure its stay within it without any worry.
  3. Can cut Large Amount of Mint at a Single Time: We don’t have to worry while cutting mint as no damage occurs to it even if we cut handfuls of it at a time.
  4. Mint Can Even Grow in Shades: The best part is that we can grow it in a shady area of the yard that is often left unused for planting purposes.
  5. Mint Can Also Grow From Cutting: You can easily propagate and transfer it whenever you want by simply cutting its stem, put it in water for some time and then grow where you want. It can also be gifted in a pot with its stem properly rooted.
  6. Don’t Need Much Attention: It doesn’t need much care. No need to water it or fertilize it on a regular basis. That means, less input and more output.
  7. Mint is attracted to Insects that are Beneficial: It attracts bees, beneficial wasps, hoverflies (aphid eaters), and tachinid flies (parasitic on nasty bugs). Its smell repels houseflies, cabbage moths, aphids, ants, squash bugs, fleas, mosquitoes, and even mice.
  8. Good For Pets: Chickens love to eat mint which is also good for them. It acts as antioxidant and it improves digestion. Not only chicken, but cats & dogs also like it and can eat a whole lot of mint in one sitting.
  9. Health Benefits of Mint: All kind of delicious food can be made by adding a small quantity of mint in it. The best part is tea. It can also be added in cookies, brownies, cakes, honey, sauce, jam etc.
  10. Works as Medicine: Mint Medicine Plant is well known as breath freshener and digestive aid. Mint leaves uses for upset stomach. It works as a painkiller for headache, seasonal allergies and can be added to body care products like salves and lip balms, lotions, soaps, and shampoo bars. So, what are you thinking, buy mint plant now.


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