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The New Way Of Green Nurtures

An engineer from Punjab came to Delhi 15 years ago. Concerned about the decreasing green cover in the city, he started planting trees on weekends in the year 2014. In just four years, he has planted over 2,000 saplings and organized numerous plantation drives. Kapil decided to do something about this problem and started planting tree saplings. He started with a few locations near his house and on the way to his office. But he did not feel this was enough. So he approached the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) to get information about more places where he could plant saplings.

“Since I had a full-time job, I visited MCD & DDA offices on Saturdays to look for officials who were equally passionate about the cause,” says Kapil Walia.

With time, Mr. Kapil became increasingly determined to plant more trees in and around the city. So he started an organization, “Green Nurtures,” to give a more aggressive push to his efforts in 2018. Apart from public places and other locations around Delhi, the Green Nurtures team also takes its green cover campaign to schools, communities and corporates.

“We want to encourage more schools and corporates to engage in such drives. Mr. Kapil also wants to work with farmers and help them adopt sustainable farming practices. “I want them to plant fruit bearing trees in the empty patches of their farms so that even in the off season or during times of low harvest, they can survive. This will easily help them earn Rs. 80,000 to Rs. 1 lakh extra annually,” says Kapil.

Green Nurtures specializes in providing indoor,outdoor and multiple variety of  plants for home decor and business spaces. At Green Nurtures you get the best species of plants and styles to choose from. Our Aim is grow more and more plants to keep the future generation healthy and pollution free.