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  1. Golden money plant
  2. Golden bamboo
  3. Aglaonema red Height – 8 inch Color – Green,golden,red Base of Plant – Cocopeat


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Celebrate this festive season with this perfect gifting idea from green nurtures. The exclusive combo includes colorful ceramic pot, golden bamboo and green plants with pot looks very nice to complete the celebratory mood. These plants are beautiful and decorative to be placed inside your house or office to add to the decor and along with a refreshing feel are said to bring good fortune.

Special Care of aglaonema red plant

Note:- In frost-free areas, Red Aglaonema can be grown as a stunning perennial for shade gardens. It also makes a fun container-garden plant for the shade in the north, mix it with begonias or New Guinea impatiens for a wild look!

How to Care for Lucky Bamboo Plant

The Lucky Bamboo plant grows well in a vase filled with pebbles with just an inch of water above the pebbles. You can add a drop of liquid fertilizer once a week to encourage growth. It can also grow in well aerated potted soil.

The Lucky Bamboo needs clean water. The water should not contain chlorine or fluoride in it because these chemicals affect the color of the leaves and make them turn yellow or brown in color. The water should be changed once in every two weeks.

Best Care Of Golden Money Plants

Golden Money Plant is a very easy plant to grow quickly and provide the rooms with a colourful leaf display. It is best
grown in a warm spot protected from droughts.


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